In addition to the changes to the download page on Steam, the new storage management tool is also very good

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Not long ago, Steam undertook a comprehensive transformation of its storage management page to make it easier to create and manage game libraries. If the player has a small SSD for speed and a large hard drive for storage, then you can use this management page to arrange your game.

I think the new page has a more console look and feel. This change is great. This will allow players to move the game and control the storage space of the PC in a more pleasant and less annoying way. If you want to use the new management page, you can go to settings from there, then download, and finally click on "Steam Library Folder". This update is good, you can experience a different sense of operation.

In addition, the previous article also introduced that Valve has also improved the download page in Steam to make it more powerful. The page always shows the download progress, but now it also shows the installation progress. It will give you a better idea of ​​how close you are to actually enter the game. Players can also drag and drop the game order to change the download order. Valve also changed the name of the "View News" section to "Patch Notes" to make it more obvious that this page is about learning about new content in the game.

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