Teach you how to perform server and world transfer in New World

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New World finally fulfilled its promise to let players jump between worlds so that they can better play with their friends after locking them on the server at the time of release. Although you can't skip the area, you can skip the world in your area, and the new feature will be launched today.

The server transfer feature was first launched in the Southeast Asia-Pacific, and then eight hours later, if all goes well, they will open up other regions to allow the world to transfer. When you see this, it may have already happened.

However, the following are the actual steps for the transfer, once the ability is unlocked in your region:
    Log into your character.
    Go to the in-game store tab.
    Claim a "character transfer token."
    Leave your current Company.
    End all active Trading Post orders.
    Be in a “safe zone” like a Settlement or Outpost.

Then you can transfer. To answer common questions, please keep all information. Equipment, currency, your house and decorations, your level and title, your task progress. In fact, the only thing you lose is your company affiliation and your friend list, which is world-specific.

There is another problem: you cannot move your character to a world where you already have a character. So if you make a secondary character to play with your friends, you cannot have two characters in the same world at the same time, so you have to delete the other one.

Hope all of this goes smoothly. I'm trying to transfer to an active server. Many of my streaming friends are playing there. I'm a little nervous that it will be full. This is another rule that you can't join the world, but we have to check it out. There is no news about when the cross-regional transfer will happen, so I don’t have any hope that this will happen soon.

I still disagree with the "world" model of the MMO that is too strict here, where I can have dozens of friends to play with, but unless I am in their world, I can't play with them. Outside of MMO, there is no other game that can work like this, and I think I have been spoiled forever. However, it was difficult to adapt, and I didn't expect to join the first open server I found in the chaos of the release day.

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