New World has halved the number of players since its launch, Amazon should take measures

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According to reports, Amazon's new MMO New World lost more than half of its player base in just one month after its launch on PC.

Despite reaching an impressive all-time high concurrent number of close to 1 million players on October 3rd, Forbes found that the number on SteamCharts has dropped, and since its release, its concurrency rate has dropped by approximately 135,000 players per week. As of last week, the number of concurrent MMO players was 508,000, which is about half of the number at the beginning of this month.

Of course, the decline in the number of players in the first few weeks after launch is not always surprising or worrying, but New World is an MMO. In theory, it should have a more stable player base than single-player narrative games. Some people may only play for a week or two before finishing and moving on to other things.

To be fair, the decline may not be due to a specific problem but a series of problems, such as when Amazon’s own “incorrect” information incorrectly informs players that the transfer is possible after the studio itself asks them to join the server due to its commitment Increase the population limit of the existing server, so the waiting time is very short. New World is still using expensive graphics cards after it was discovered in the game beta to do so. In July, in response to this concern, Amazon issued a patch to limit the frame rate on the MMO menu screen.

The number of players has been decreasing because the player’s experience is not enough. Amazon needs to solve the server problem and compensate, and then fix some loopholes, instead of prohibiting players from using it without taking any action. It is mainly that the freshness of the new game is less than the frustration caused by the loopholes. I hope that future updates can restore players’ hearts.

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