The communication and participation of New World developers finally won praise from players

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The number of players in New World peaked on the first day since its release, but various malfunctions and design issues caused some confusion in the community. One of the most destructive problems is the failure of gold and materials that allow players to cheat unlimitedly, and the community is still suffering from these problems due to economic expansion. However, as the PTR patch shows, Amazon Game Studios has been doing its best to make the community aware of future plans and things that are changing in the short term.

In the first few weeks, Amazon barely commented on the state of the new world, which players thought was another sign that the developers would not do anything with the game. However, this proved to be wrong very early because the servers were already operating at full capacity when the new world was released, so Amazon introduced more servers in just two days to solve this problem. Then, the developers talked a lot about the impact of the golden copy failure and how the plan dealt with cheaters and exploiters, who were eventually banned permanently in many cases.

chr1s003 shared a post on the Reddit platform, stating that they are very happy that Amazon Game Studios communicates with players in this way, including a link to the Dev Tracker section of the New World Forum. This shows how many messages the developers send regularly in response to players’ concerns about anything, including other unidentified failures, and even what are the plans for the next few weeks. As things adjust and the current problems of the game are resolved, this kind of communication can keep the new world alive for the next few months.

Amazon’s communication with New World players and fans is great because it means the developers are caring, and the community manager has been doing a good job tracking issues and reporting them to the developers for fixes. In fact, players can Buy New World Coins on the official website.

Some servers do have a much smaller population than others, which is quite troublesome for a game designed to be played by multiple people. Nonetheless, there is hope, and Amazon has proven this time and time again. Although it feels a little bit late and the player has lost too much, it is not too late until everything is over. I believe this game will be better in the communication between developers and players.

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