DIY Abstract Painted Laptop Bag

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Carry your laptop and files in style with this DIY Abstract Painted Laptop Bag!

If your style is bolder than custom travel bags wholesalers normal, you'll love this project! Instead of keeping your laptop and any files you may have in a plain bag, I'll show you how to add simple abstract designs using just the shapes of a foam paint brush! This item is perfect for those who want to inject a little style and camera bags wholesalers personalization into their everyday life and accessories!

Supplies: 600D Polyester travel cable organizer bag Deluxe Document Bag; Tulip Soft Matte Fabric Paint (White); 1" Foam Paint Brush. STEP 1: If you are concerned about paint spray on your countertop, be sure to cover it with a tablecloth or you don't mind possible paint stains other type of material. Then, place the bag on top. Step 2: Take your travel organizer bags fabric paint and shake it well. I used white paint, but you can use any color you like. Spray some sitemap paint onto the Paint on pallets or other surfaces.

Step 3: Dip foam paint brush into custom waterproof backpack white paint. You'll need to swoop in a few times to make sure it has good paint coverage. Step 4: Use a paintbrush to add abstract strokes in the bag. I start at the top right corner of the bag and custom waterproof duffel bags cycle down. Since the paint will go over the woven area of the bag, you will want to check it several times to Нестандартные рюкзаки make sure it has good paint coverage.

Step 5: Add another customized laptop backpacks arch to the lower right corner of the bag. Check the design several times until it has good coverage. When creating promotional bags wholesalers an abstract design, you need to go slow to make sure you don't slip and mark another area of the bag. If you don't feel like you have a steady hand, you can always place a piece of paper next to where you're tote bags wholesalers painting to help keep paint from falling on the rest of the bag.