What can you expert from your Fidelity account?

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Searching for the best platform to invest your money under the guidance of experts? If so, you can choose Fidelity as your investment companion.

Fidelity is the best online broker investment platform that strives for simplifying investments. You can avail several benefits from this platform. And the best part of this platform is that it has zero commission charge on stocks, EFTs, etc. You will also get many investment tips and advice from this platform that will not only upscale your investment knowledge but also help you shape your investment future. 


How can I open an account on Fidelity? 

All you require to open an account on Fidelity investment is an active internet connection and a digital device such as computer, laptop, tablet, or your smartphone. It doesn't matter if you are at your home, office or travelling, you can open an account on Fidelity easily. Those steps are;


Browse www.fidelity.com on your device's browser.

Click or tap on the "Open an account" option visible on your screen.

You will see a list of accounts to choose from.

Tap on "Open Now" after choosing your preference. 

Then, tap on the option "No" for "Are you already a Fidelity Customer" option.

Go through the given instructions carefully and then click on "Next" if you are satisfied with the terms.

Enter some of your personal details as required. 


Enter your correspondence details.

Then, form a unique username with a strong password. 

Eventually, add your beneficiary name and also set your investment goals. 


Your Fidelity account is created successfully and you are ready to enjoy the ease of making something big out of your investment. 


How to login to your Fidelity account?  

If you have created an online account on Fidelity, you need to login to your account to get started. You are asked to follow the given steps to login your account;


Visit Fidelity login page.

A login form appears on your screen.

Fill in your Username in the said field.  

If you want to stay logged in on the device, tap on "Remember me".

Enter your password.

Finally, click on to the "Log In" option and start exploring.

With this simple process, you can easily access your Fidelity account. 

Sometimes, users may face trouble while logging in to your account and getting several messages of invalid username or password; in such case, you should reset your password. Fidelity always instructs its users to update their password at a short interval to minimize the risk of any kind of fraud.


How can you reset your account password?

Being such a huge platform, it's obvious that sometimes, users may face a few glitches in this app and facing problems in logging in to their account and get worried about their invested money is also obvious. But, don't worry, the Fidelity team works round the clock to set you free from such kinds of technical issues with your Fidelity account. 

In most cases of such issues, the users are asked to reset or recover their password with some simple steps and inputs provided to Fidelity during registering on this platform. Here is a simple process that can help resetting your password easily;


Open the official website www.fidelity.com in your browser. 

You can also go to the Fidelity Password Reset Page. 

Next, you need to answer some questions to verify your identity that include Name, DOB, Last 4 digits of SSN, and so on.

Finally, you will see a "Submit" button, just tap or click on it.


By following these steps, you will be redirected on the page to reset your Fidelity account password. After doing that, you can login to your Fidelity account smoothly to take your investment journey to the next level. 


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