Prepare for your AWS Certification Exam

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AWS Certification is one of the most in-demand qualifications for cloud engineers. This article will focus on giving insights into the exam. If you’re not a cloud engineer, it’s important to note why it is so valuable. There are other players in the public cloud space, and the most sought-after is the AWS certification because Amazon holds the largest share of the public cloud market. Whether you’re a hands-on engineer or a trade consultant, it’s incredibly beneficial to have this on your resume.

Not sure how to prepare? Evision offers training courses for the AWS certification, including the most popular courses, i.e. AWS Technical Essentials and Architecting on AWS which helps students make informed decisions on business-based IT . Using hands-on training, the students will acquire new and practical AWS skills.

What is the AWS Certification?

AWS certification is a level of cloud expertise from Amazon Web Services that an IT professional acquires after passing one or more exams offered by the public cloud provider. IT pros are awarded the AWS certification to demonstrate and validate knowledge and skills in the technical cloud. AWS provides various Cloud Engineers, Administrators, and Architects certification exams. The AWS certification lasts two years, and after it expires, IT pros can recertify their specific certification. There are hundreds of test centers all over the world to take the exams in.

Types of AWS certifications

AWS currently offers six different certifications, namely:

  • Cloud Practitioner Path
  • Architect Path

■ AWS Certified  Architect — Associate

■ AWS Certified  Architect — Professional

  • Developer Path

■ AWS Certified Developer — Associate

■ AWS Certified DevOps Engineer — Professional

  • Operations Path

■ AWS Certified SysOps Administrator — Associate

■ AWS Certified DevOps Engineer — Professional

  • Specialty Path

■ AWS Certified Big Data — Specialty

■ AWS Certified Advanced Networking — Specialty

■ AWS Certified Security — Specialty

■ AWS Certified Machine Learning — Specialty

■ AWS Certified Alexa Skill Building — Specialty

AWS Certification Cost

The AWS certification cost for the Associate-level exam is $150 and for professional and specialty-level its $300 each.

Tips On Preparing For the AWS Certification Exam

Find the right resources and start preparing for your AWS Certification Exam today! Here are a few tips for leading you through:

  • Earn practical experience
  • Take a glance at exam prep resources, blueprints, and sample questions
  • Find recommended whitepapers for each exam
  • Take a peek at previous AWS re: Invent videos
  • Get an excellent training course if needed
  • Attend local AWS meetups, if possible
  • Prepare knowledge shares by either organizing a small talk in your workplace, local meetup or merely writing a blog post
  • Find a time that suits you while booking for the exam
  • Try not to drink much water or coffee before your exam
  • Pace yourself

Studying will ensure success as with any test, and the AWS Certification Exam is no different. Though it is time-consuming, the benefits are worth it. This certification will not only prove your technical skills but will also foster your expertise, making you more attractive to potential recruiters.

With Evision’s Online Training , you can study at times that suit you from the comfort of your home. Evision’s unique 1-on-1 methodology allows you to start training from any date, including 4–8-hour slots and weekends for training. All courses are assured to run and come with a Passing Assistance Guaranteed Exam.

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