Plastic Pallets: A Guide to Different Types and Uses

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In the world of material handling and logistics, the choice of pallets plays a crucial role in the efficiency and safety of transporting goods.

In the world of material handling and logistics, the choice of pallets plays a crucial role in the efficiency and safety of transporting goods. Plastic pallets have gained popularity as a versatile and durable alternative to traditional wooden pallets. This guide will explore different types of plastic pallets and their various uses, shedding light on the benefits they offer in the realm of storage and transportation.

Types of Plastic Pallets

Injection Molded Plastic Pallets:

  • These pallets are created through a molding process where melted plastic is injected into a mold and cooled to form the desired shape.
  • Known for their strength and durability, injection molded plastic pallets are ideal for heavy-duty applications.
  • They are resistant to chemicals, moisture, and insects, making them suitable for industries with strict hygiene standards.

Thermoformed Plastic Pallets:

  • Thermoforming involves heating a plastic sheet until it becomes pliable, then shaping it into the desired form using a mold.
  • Thermoformed plastic pallets are lightweight yet durable, making them suitable for one-way shipping.
  • They are cost-effective and offer a good balance between strength and weight.

Extruded Plastic Pallets:

  • Extrusion is a process where plastic is melted and forced through a die to create a continuous profile.
  • Extruded plastic pallets are known for their consistent strength and uniform structure.
  • These pallets are resistant to extreme temperatures and are often used in industries like pharmaceuticals and food processing.

Uses of Plastic Pallets

Food and Beverage Industry:

  • Plastic pallets are widely used in the food and beverage industry due to their hygienic properties.
  • They are easy to clean, resistant to bacteria, and comply with food safety standards.
  • Injection molded plastic pallets are preferred for heavy loads of products like bottled beverages.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare:

  • In environments where cleanliness is paramount, plastic pallets shine.
  • Thermoformed and extruded plastic pallets find applications in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, providing a clean and durable solution for transporting medical supplies.

Retail and Distribution:

  • Plastic pallets are popular in retail and distribution centers for their consistent sizing and compatibility with automated systems.
  • Thermoformed pallets, being lightweight and cost-effective, are often used for one-way shipping of goods from manufacturers to retailers.

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Plastic pallets have revolutionized the way goods are transported and stored. With their various types catering to different needs and industries, these pallets offer a versatile and sustainable solution. When it comes to efficient storage, companies like Spanco Storage Systems, with their range of storage solutions including slotted angle racks, complement the advantages of plastic pallets, creating a seamless and organized logistics environment.

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