Unlock Julie Soyer's End of an Era Card in FIFA 24

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As FIFA 24 comes to a close, EA Sports introduces the Ultimate Team of the Season along with new challenges and rewards. One highlight is the opportunity to acquire a 92-rated Julie Soyer card for free, celebrating the French defender's career. Players can complete objectives such as



As the Team of the Season festivities draw to a close, EA Sports is ensuring that FIFA 23/24 goes out with a bang. With the Ultimate Team of the Season now available in packs, players can also engage with a host of new challenges and rewards.

A highlight of the current offerings is the chance to acquire a 92-rated Julie Soyer card at no cost. This End of an Era item celebrates the French defender's impact and can be a valuable addition to any FIFA Ultimate Team.

Over the weekend, FIFA 24 enthusiasts have been treated to a wealth of fresh content designed to enhance their Ultimate Team experience. Highlights include the star-studded Ultimate TOTS selections, two innovative Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), and an Evolution item that boasts a substantial +25 Overall Rating increase, alongside the introduction of a new objective that doesn't require players to part with their coins.

Julie Soyer's Farewell

Paris FC's stalwart defender Julie Soyer has decided to part ways with the club, and to commemorate her impressive career, which spans over 350 matches in D1 Arkema, EA Sports has bestowed upon her an 'End of an Era' card.

The card elevates Soyer to a 92 overall rating, boasting remarkable attributes such as a swift 90 pace, precise 81 shooting, adept 91 passing, skillful 87 dribbling, robust 92 defending, and a strong 91 physicality. Additionally, Soyer's versatility is highlighted by her five-star weak foot and four-star skill moves.

Soyer's Stats and PlayStyles


The French right-back brings to the field an enhanced set of skills with three novel PlayStyles+ attributes: 'Whipped Pass+', 'Intercept+', and 'First Touch+'. These additions are designed to elevate their game, providing sharper passing, improved interception abilities, and refined ball control upon reception.

Objective 1: Finesse Shot Mastery

To achieve the objective, players must:

  • Net two goals using the Finesse Shot technique in a Squad Battles match at a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro, or alternatively, in Rivals or Champions gameplay.

Upon successful completion, participants will receive:

  • A pack containing two Rare Gold Players, each with a rating of 80 or above.

Objective 2: Through Ball Expertise

To earn the 81+ x2 Rare Gold Players Pack, players must achieve the following:

  • Provide three assists using through balls in Squad Battles at a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro, or alternatively, in Rivals or Champions matches.

Objective 3: The French Connection


To achieve the objective, players must:

  • Successfully score a goal and provide an assist with a French player in two distinct Squad Battles encounters, ensuring the difficulty is set at least to Semi-Pro level or participate in Rivals or Champions matches.

Upon completion of this task, participants will receive:

  • A pack containing two Rare Gold Players rated 81 or higher.

Objective 4: French Victory Challenge

To achieve success in the FC 24 End of an Era Julie Soyer challenge, players must emerge victorious in a minimum of five Squad Battles at Semi-Pro difficulty or higher, or alternatively in Rivals or Champions competitions. Additionally, your starting lineup must include at least two French players.

Upon meeting these criteria, participants will be rewarded with a pack containing five rare gold players, each with a minimum rating of 75.

Completion Rewards


Successfully accomplishing this task enables you to add the 92-rated End of an Era Julie Soyer card to your Ultimate Team roster. Moreover, you'll unlock four additional packs at no extra cost!

Are you planning to tackle this Objective? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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